• Weekly Statement – December 8, 2016

    For the rest of today, we will debate Bill S-4, on tax conventions.Tomorrow, we will call Bill C-25, the business framework legislation, followed by Bill C-30, regarding CETA.Monday and Tuesday we will proceed with Bill C-31, an act to implement the free trade agreement between Canada and Ukraine. In the days following, we will put Bill S-4 at the top of the Order Paper so that we can pass it...

  • Weekly Statement – December 1, 2016

    Today we are continuing with opposition day. Tomorrow the House will consider the report stage of Bill C-29, the second budget bill, and it will continue studying that bill Monday and Tuesday of next week.For the remainder of the week, we plan to call the following bills: Bill S-4, the tax conventions legislation, and Bill S-3, the Indian tax amendment, provided we get these two bills from the...

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